AUDI Magazine - Argentina . 2004
Life Style - Colombian Emeralds
By Ricardo Frascara- GEMTEC - FotoWeb (Photos)

Le Régne Minéral 2002
The Emeralds of Gachala, Colombia: history, genesis and paleonthological discoveries
By Pierre Vuillet, Gaston Giuliani, Jean-Claude Fisher, Pierre-Jacques Chiappero

Revue de Gemmologie A.F.G. Juillet 2000
The Green Fluorite of Peñas Blancas
By Pierre Vuillet á Ciles

Revue de Gemmologie A.F.G. Juilliet 2000
The Green-Blue Euclase of Colombia
By Franck Notari D.UG N.J.A , Pierre Yves Boillat Phis, E.P.F.L., Candice Grobon

Gems & Gemology Fall 2000
Gem news
Rubies (and sapphires) from Colombia
By G.I.A Gem trade laboratory

Gems & Gemology Summer 1999
On the identification of various emerald fillings
By Mary L. Johnson, Shane Elen and Sam Muhlmeister

Gems & Gemology Winter 1999
Clasifying emerald clarity enhancenmet
By Shane McClure, Thomas M. Moses Mahatannous and John Koivula

Cromos #4149 agosto 1997
Precious Stones
Luz Stella Tocancipa

The Great Book of the Emerald 1990
By Martin de Retana

Lapidary journal January 1988
Muzo emerald
By Ron Ringsrud

Geomundo vol.12 No2
Emeralds in the world and in History
By Luz Stella Tocancipa

Gems& Gemology Summer 1986
The Coscuez mine a major source of colombian emeralds
By Ron Ringsrud
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