Mineralogy and petrography of the Coscuez (Boyaca) Emerald Ore 1989
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
By Jairo Pupo Zapateiro, Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

Chemical Characterization of the Colombian Emeralds by the Microsound method and it’s relation to mineralization 1993
Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
By Oscar Fernando Blanco Blanco, Mario Nelson Vargas Rojas.

Mineralogy, fluid inclusions and genesis of the Chivor, Coscuez, Muzo, Pacho, and Yacopi Mines (Colombia)
Pacho e Yacopí, Colombia.
Universidad de Sao Paulo.
By Fernando Heli Romero Ordóñez.

Mineralogic Study of the Corundums of Mercaderes, Cauca 1992
Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
By Manuel Antonio Montero.

Faceting Report of Precious Stones and it’s Problematic 1999
Univesidad Nacional de Colombia.
By Natalia Aristizábal Angulo, Jairo Alexander Duarte, Juan Carlos Mosquera Ramirez.

A study of Colombia corudum sep/2002
Devant l’universite de Nantes.
Ufr des science et techniques.
By Jeann-Marie Duroc-Danner.

Mineralogic characterization of the Corundums from Mercaderes, Cauca (Colombia) 2002
Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Geologuia colombiana No 27
Fernando H. Romero.
Andres I. Rodríguez-Vargas.

Petrographyc, geochemical and isotopic characterization of some crustal and mantle xenoliths of the Garnet Layer in the Mercaderes – Río Mayo area, Cauca - Colombia. 2004
Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
By Andrés Rodríguez Vargas.
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