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Emerald lore and tradition is older than recorded history. Mythical stories about emeralds are common to many cultures all over the world. In the Colombian Emerald region, before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, a legend tells the story of a Muzo queen named Fura Tena who wore a diadem with beads of emeralds down to her heels, so brilliant that they blinded any man who would look at her. Though, she was said to move over the region as an immense terrifying cloud.

This was interpreted as a sad premonition of the dark times to come for the Muzo people with the advent of the Spanish conquest. For the Muzo culture, as for many others in the East and West, emeralds are thought to have clairvoyance and prophetic powers.


*In the Bible, Emerald is thought to be one of the gemstones of the High Priest's Breastplate. The reference is given in Exodus: 17-20. *Since antiquity, Emerald has been regarded as a springtime gemstone, and thus associated in some cultures with youth. Royal Egyptian mummies were often buried with what was called a "papyrus scepter" bearing Emeralds. This, to grant the deceased with eternal youth. *In Hindu astrology, Emerald is associated with the planet Mercury, whereas in the Western tradition it is related to Venus. *Emerald is the zodiacal gem for those born under the sign of Cancer.


In many antique medical treatises of Eastern and Western cultures alike, gemstones were referred to as having diverse healing properties, of which the most common for emerald are the ones listed below:

-Guards against poison and venomous bites -A cure against epilepsy -Induces fertility and prevents abortions -Heals and relaxes the eyes -In stomach disorders, such as dysentery -Induces sleep -An aid in leprosy wounds


In many traditions all over the world, emeralds, far more than simply adorning their users, were believed to grant their owners magical powers and to protect them in the following cases, among others:

-Protection against demoniacal possession -Increase mental powers -Provide clairvoyance -Mental clarity -Strengthen love and fidelity (not passionate love)

History is full of legends and recorded episodes where gemstones played an important role in historical events.

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